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3 important reminders about taking action and making progress

Updated: May 2

My action-taker ethos is not like your simple "just do it" slogan. After learning so much about limiting beliefs during the last 2 years, reading books, and qualifying as an NLP Practitioner I believe that much deeper work is required than the physical act of doing the thing.

Hand with a pen writing down a list in a notepad

Taking action, especially in a new area out of our comfort zone, is not something we can just do straight away - it isn't possible. At the same time, we must learn, and unlearn things about ourselves, to make sure we are taking action for sustainable reasons that are aligned with who we really are (right now, not who we were).

With this work comes lots of progress, but there are also many realities that will be encountered along the way. Here are 3 important things I want you to know about the journey to becoming an action-taker as you work towards achieving your fulfilled life.

1. It is not a linear process

If I were to draw a graph showing "Progress Vs Time" it would NOT be a steady diagonal line indicating constant action taken and progress being made.

In fact, it would probably be very squiggly and all over the place. But ultimately, the present-day “squiggle” will finish on a higher level than the first day you started.

The truth is, we tend to focus on the progress we have made in the recent short term, and not across our whole journey.

Drawing of a graph showing "Progress VS Time" in an idealistic and realistic way. The idealistic graph has a steady diagonal line increasing, but the realistic one goes up and down

You will experience days (or even weeks or months) where it feels like you’ve taken 1 step forwards and 2 steps back, and that’s OK. A lot of the time, you will actually have made more progress than you think though - our mind just loves focusing on the negatives!

Growing into the person we want to be can feel uncomfortable and seem as though we are going backward, it can bring up some tough emotions.

2. Your definition of taking action will be different from other people’s (at different times)

These days with online showcasing of achievements, it is very easy to find ourselves in the deep abyss of measuring our progress against other people’s. I see you scrolling Insta right now and feel even worse as every post passes! Please stop, because this is something I have struggled with too.

It is so important for you to remember that we are all in different stages and seasons of our lives and therefore are not necessarily focusing on the same things as everyone else.

woman reading a map

For example, during the last 6 months, I have been focusing predominantly on raising my daughter and becoming a parent for the first time, battling tiredness, and learning how to balance my time in a new (extreme) way. Believe me, this has been a challenge for someone who is not the most organised, but so multi-passionate and always trying to do 10 things at once!

I’ve seen pictures of my friends, colleagues, and ex-colleagues… going on amazing holidays and my business buddies making some incredible moves.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Shift Happens"

Does this mean my actions are any lesser than theirs? Absolutely not. I am also forgetting that just over 18 months ago my partner and I returned from our 3-month trip to Thailand and other beautiful places when others weren’t traveling as much. We have also been on many incredible holidays during our 5 years together. Now we are in a new and different phase of our life!

My point is this - we must try to embrace and appreciate the stage we are in, whilst recognising every step that we take as progress, no matter how big or small. It ALL counts.

3. It requires (a lot of) self-acceptance and kindness during more challenging times

Being an action-taker is not simple when you have voices of self-doubt challenging every step you take with negative questioning! But the truth is, to some extent, we all have “stuff” going on in our heads when we try to make serious moves.

Notepad with writing saying "Be Kind. Be Happy. Be Brave"

Despite the very selective snippets that the online world shows us, we are actually all very human and have times when we can become over-consumed in our thoughts or just feel a bit “off”.

Make sure you are kind to yourself on the days when the negative voices are louder, or for some reason, it feels like you’re wading through treacle towards that goal and you’re not sure why. Or maybe you've even lost sight of the goal in the overwhelm and despair (trust me we've all been there).

In these challenging times, remind yourself that this is temporary and you will feel yourself again soon - “this too shall pass”. Take a break and spark inspiration in doing something you love, even treat yourself to a little something. It always works a treat.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have found it useful in taking action toward your goals. Look out for more on this topic area and join me as I dig deeper into the origins of limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

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