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  5 Days of
    Voxer Coaching

Does your creative business still only exist in your head?

It's time to kickstart your creative business for good with this BRAND NEW flexible coaching offer - and all you need is your phone!!

Picture this...

in 5 years you're telling everyone about the time you took the leap and took action to get started with your Creative Business.

No more waiting.
No more doubting.
💖 Just
pure passion and vision! 👁

Let's make NOW that time you decided to take action. Let's make today that day to remember!! 💃🏼 

Image by Hester Qiang
Image by Wesley Tingey

  I know the feeling...  

When you want to start your creative business so SO badly...

But you just have no clue where to start! 🧐

It kinda feels like you are going round in circles.

Things get put off and before you know it, a few more months have passed!

But you know what? That’s OK.  Because you’re here reading this!


You WANT to take action and get your ideas off the ground 🚀

You just need a bit of support - and trust me - support is something every one of us needs as we navigate this crazy entrepreneurial world! 🎢

That’s why I’ve decided to introduce this brand NEW, flexible and lower ticket offer in addition to my signature Action Takers 1:1 Program


What's included?

📱 5-Day Voxer Coaching 📱

Use Voxer app to essentially pick my brain!! 🧠

On a more flexible, short-term basis.

That will help you make waves in your biz 🌊

Whether you need help gaining clarity or taking your next step in your creative business, or experiencing mindset blocks that are stopping you from making progress…

I’ve got you covered!!

For just $99 you have 5 days access to me on Voxer to ask away!!


Pick my brain, ask for advice or get a second opinion 🤩

This will typically be on Mon-Fri that are previously agreed dates.

I’m taking new enrolments for this new offer next week from

🎉 Monday 18th July 🎉 

Click below to get started on my unmissable introductory offer or drop me a message on here through the webchat or DM on Instagram @creativegoddessclub if you have any Qs!!

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