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Passion Podcast

Your complete toolkit to starting your profitable podcast - with ease, simplicity & creativity.

Hey there creative! Wouldn't it be GREAT to: 

  • Save time creating content 

  • Reach new audiences 
  • Build a connection with your community 
  • Use social media less 
  • Raise your profile in your niche  
  • Find a new creative outlet  
  • Collaborate with other brands 


If you said "YES" to any of the above - starting a podcast could be a super fit for you!

Image by Mathilde Langevin

Before I tell you more about this fabulous course, let's see if this one is for you... 

Maybe this is you:

  • You're a business owner with an existing creative platform, such as social media, but it's not getting the results you hoped for + making you feel drained.

  • A business owner in the early stages of building their brand looking for a creative platform to showcase their biz and connect with their audience.

  • A creative business owner who is looking for a new creative platform but is tired of the technical overwhelm when it comes to navigating new tools.

Whichever fits, Simply Start Your Passion Podcast will equip you with the steps (and shortcuts!) to get you started with your podcast without compromising your time or energy - so you can channel it into putting your inspiring messages out there!

🎙 By the end of this course, you will have:

Image by J. Kelly Brito
  • Named your podcast and identified the specific topic area it will cover.

  • Chosen your podcast platform and recording process.

  • Learned how to record and edit your episode using Audacity and/or GarageBand.

  • Recorded your podcast episode using my talking tips so you stay in flow and avoid over-thinking.

  • Learned how to navigate common mindset blocks that podcasters experience, such as perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

  • Put your podcast out into the world!

  • Decided on a social media platform to promote your podcast on (in a way that feels good for you).



Love it! What an empowering and inspiring podcast. I relate to so many things Charlotte talks about and it really inspires me as I continue on my creative and personal development journey. Highly recommend it to all my fellow creatives out there!

Julia Brown - 02/11/2021

Image by Markus Spiske

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Including taxes



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What's inside?

The "Basic Barriers" Breakdown

⚡️Highlights ⚡️

  • Get past the 5 basic barriers in small digestible steps so you can move forward in  your podcast journey without experiencing overwhelm, but instead feeling energised and excited to tell the world.

  • Decide on a Podcast name that makes YOU feel good, rather than what it “should” be - to the point where you could shout it from the rooftops! This is where your intuition comes in handy…

  • Gain clarity on your topic area of focus, and the type of person you will be speaking to. This is a hugely powerful exercise, as it will shape so many of your episodes and make the process so much easier!

Recording Your Podcast

Image by Soundtrap


  • Outline your episode and reap the rewards! This is such a key step to be taken that eases  the recording process big time - trust me. I’ll be sharing my basic process with you on how I do this for every single episode I record.

  • Worried you’re not “techy” enough? Recording your podcast is only as complicated as you want it to be. Discover Audacity, simple software that you can use with little resistance and learn how to use the basic functions, so you’re not frantically Googling / YouTubing every couple of minutes!

"The Trimmings" - Editing Your Podcast with Music + Uploading

  ⚡️ Highlights ⚡️ 

  •  Learn what to avoid when editing your episode. OK, I’m talking about overthinking! It is easy to get hung up on making your podcast sound “perfect” but too much of this can actually take away from the natural flow of your voice. I will teach you how to edit in a mindful and effective way that doesn’t drain your energy.

  • Want to add some background or intro music to your podcast, but don’t want to be tearing your hair out with tech? I will show you where to find awesome tunes and demonstrate how to integrate them easily using my go-to programs - GarageBand and Audacity.

Image by CoWomen

Manoeuvring Mindset Blocks

Image by Hester Qiang

  ⚡️Highlights ⚡️

  • Allow me to help you efficiently manoeuvre your way through the inevitable perils of perfectionism and imposter syndrome. You will learn my go-to mindset techniques that I always practice to help combat these roadblocks.

Sharing Your Podcast With the World 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

  ⚡️Highlights ⚡️

  • Create your “system” including creating easily editable templates for episode art and social media posts of different sizes / types. You will learn some of my go-to hacks to make this process as easy as possible, to hopefully eliminate those "scrambling for  content" moments!

  • Choose your “feel good” social media platform to share your podcast on because let's be  honest, we don't want sharing our passion to feel like a chore! Which platform resonates with you the most? I will take you through my thoughts based on my own experience using different platforms.

💁🏼‍♀️ So in summary, here's what you'll get...


(£97 value)

💖 How to Repurpose 1 Podcast Episode into 5 additional pieces of content 💖

Image by Adem AY
  • Find content creation exhausting? Stuck on the hamster wheel and it seems never-ending? Fed up with reinventing the wheel every time?

  • In this bonus module I show you yet another incredible benefit of having a podcast - it is a super easy content type to repurpose! 

  • Learn how to take your podcast episode and create a blog post, video, Pinterest pin and Instagram Post (story and static posts).

🗒 Collaborate Like A PRO

(£97 value)

  • Learn the exact strategy I use to find guests for my podcast collaborations with ease and how to decide on your key topic of focus.

  • Get the scoop on the process, software and tools to use to create high quality, professional video + audio recordings for guest episodes.

  • How to promote your guest episodes in a fun way using social media and maximise the potential of your collaborations.

Image by CoWomen

Your Passion Podcast is Already Inside of You...

(it's just waiting to be unleashed!) 🙃

“I’ve started to work through the course and I’m really enjoying it. It’s already helped me get over a couple of things and answer some questions that personally have trouble with, like… hating the sound of my own voice - but it's quite reassuring to know that it doesn’t really matter!" - Martin, Entrepreneur - 01.07.22

Fancy sprinkling VIP magic on your podcast journey?!

🔥 The Passion Podcast Experience 🔥

(£197 value)

Image by Kate Oseen
  • Includes the entire course and bonuses above...

  • PLUS a 1:1 session with me to chat through your podcast idea and together work through an issues you're having

  • PLUS Be featured as a guest on my 5* rated podcast "Creative Goddess Show" when you have completed your podcast and share what you do with my listeners!

All for a total of £347!

Join Simply Start Your Passion Podcast today

2 monthly payments of


Including taxes

One payment of


Including taxes



Charlotte Robson.jpeg


Love it!


I really enjoy the wonderful conversations and topics that Charlotte talks about. So informative and real and I have learnt lots. I really enjoyed the episode about perfectionism just now, many useful tips to let go and let our authentic creative come through. Thank you Charlotte


Charlotte - 16/12/2021

👩🏼‍💻 Simply Start Your Passion Podcast

Image by Alphacolor
  • 5 practical modules showing you HOW to take action in a simple way, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed, and start a podcast that  brings you joy.

  • Easily digestible tech tutorials showing the basic steps using my go-to software, so you aren’t left in despair, frantically Googling  questions and watching YouTube clips.

  • Actionable mindset tips to help you combat *those* voices that inevitably come up in our heads as podcasters when we are about to hit the “record” button.

Here are some common questions that  I get asked about this course:

Sign me up!

Will this course will be too technically advanced for me?

Absolutely not! This course is all about removing common barriers such as technical overwhelm, and the few “techy” elements I do teach are broken down into bitesize tutorials. I am not the most technically advanced person in the world (far from it) but I managed to find a way to implement the essential tech elements of my podcast, which I share in the course :)

I have wanted to start a podcast for ages but feeling really nervous about putting myself “out there” - can you offer any tips?

I certainly can! In Module 4 of the course, we identify and learn to navigate through common mindset blocks that podcasters experience. The key thing to remember is that you are not alone feeling this way and you will only grow in confidence!

Do I need to have expensive tools and equipment to take this course?

Not at all! I acknowledge that many will think they need all the “fancy” equipment to start a podcast - but this is actually not true. In SSYPP I teach that the most important thing is you and your message, higher quality tools can come later when you have already started your podcasting journey.

If I have any questions during the course, will someone be available to answer them?

Of course! You can always shoot over any questions to our support team on the following e-mail address: :)

Did someone say sneak peek? 👀

Check out my YouTube clip  going behind the scenes of Simply Start Your Passion Podcast

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Still weighing it all up?

As a former blogger, if there’s one thing I’ve realised about podcasting, it's that it provides an even deeper and personal connection with my audience. I definitely underestimated the power of my voice!

Let me paint a picture. People are going about their everyday lives learning or being inspired listening to podcasts, whether they’re working out at the gym, driving, cooking or walking the dog.

Having this space on your podcast is a unique opportunity for you as a creative business owner to really have a meaningful conversation with your audience, away from the noise of social media.

Are you ready to start using the power of your voice to deeply connect with your audience and share your wonderful message?

There is no "perfect" time!

On a personal note...


I would be lying if I said that my podcast “The Creative Goddess Show”, has not had an impact on my business. Having this platform has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other amazing creative women, whilst allowing me to shape my podcast into the show I always envisioned in my head, talking about topics I feel so passionately about.

It truly is the BEST feeling to hear that a listener has had an "aha moment" from one of my episodes! 

How did I get here? I didn’t wait for the “perfect” time to start a podcast and took messy and intuitive action, starting whilst the excitement was still firing up instead of me!

And so can you.

I simply cannot wait to meet you as you begin your podcasting journey!

Charlotte x

Join Simply Start Your Passion Podcast today

2 monthly payments of


Including taxes

One payment of


Including taxes



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