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Simply Start Your Passion Podcast

About This Course

Hello there! Are you a creative business owner looking to connect with your audience in a more personal space away from the online noise? Starting a podcast is such a FABULOUS choice and let me tell you why. After finally giving in to my inner voice, I started my Podcast, the Creative Goddess Show in Spring 2021. Instead of doing a big fancy launch, I decided to just put it out there as quickly and simply as possible, whilst in the midst of all the excitement! As the weeks went by, I started to enjoy recording each episode even more than the last. Then, I plucked up the courage to invite guests to appear on the show and share their own experiences - this was huge for me! I was able to expand my audience and reach new worlds, and as a brand new business owner this was key. I felt that I just HAD to share this with others creative business women! The course was born. In this course, go from feeling confused and overwhelmed, to excited and energised, as you learn the simple steps to start your passion podcast in a simple way that brings you JOY. Over the course of 5 modules, you will learn: - Name your podcast and choose a topic area - Decide on your hosting platform - Learn how to record and the tools to use - Simple editing and uploading tips - Overcome mindset roadblocks - Put your podcast out into the world on a social media platform I'm super excited for you to uncover the goodness inside this course, and for you to use the power of your amazing voice! Charlotte x

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