Creative Goddess Show

Maybe you love listening to the Creative Goddess Show podcast, but you need more of a visual source? I have compiled all of my episodes into easy to follow transcripts, so you can read at your leisure :)

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The Importance of Personal Development as a Creative Entrepreneur with Nicole and Liza

Image by Jakob Owens

The Importance of Taking Messy Action

Image by Alexandra Gorn

How to navigate fear of worst case scenarios

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The Benefits of Taking a Break From Your Business

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Is Advice Overload Causing You To Lose Clarity?

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Finding Your Own Unique Version of Creativity with Charlotte Robson

Image by Nishant Jain

The Power of Leveraging Your Skills and Making Every Day Count with Carina Lawson

Image by Matt Botsford

3 Ways That Starting a Podcast has Boosted my Business


Combatting Imposter Syndrome with AJ Merlin

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You Don't Have to Know the Whole Journey... Just the First Step

Image by Mika Baumeister

How to Handle Other People's Opinions of Your Creative Business

Image by Mike Kenneally

The secret ingredient you need for a "unique" business idea

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Episode 38



Episode 37


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What Can Happen Along the Road to Finding Your "One Thing" (with Dora)

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Trying a New Creative Path in Lockdown with Vicki Nicolson


Finding Creativity through Self Healing with Dora Florence

Image by Alex McCarthy

4 Ways to Delve into Your Creativity During the Festive Period

Image by Nishant Jain
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Finding Creativity by Trusting Your Intuition with Kath Grimmitt

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Overcoming Perfectionism to Realise Your Creative Passion with Sarah Sienkiewicz

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Doing What Brings You Joy, with Julia Brown 

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Self Love and Becoming the Best Version of Yourself, with Hem

Image by Camille Paralisan

Why You Should Stop Saving Nice Things for a Special Occasion

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Why Changing Creative Direction is Actually a Good Thing

Image by Nishant Jain

How Being a Member of FEA has Supercharged My Creative Business

Image by Chris Lawton

Experiencing change? Remember to be patient with yourself

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Creativity Myth #5 - It's too late for me to start being creative

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Creativity Myth #4 - I don't have time to be creative

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Creativity Myth #3 - Creativity Flows Abundantly 24/7

Image by Keren Levand

Creativity Myth #2 - You Cannot be Corporate AND Creative

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Creativity Myth #1 - You cannot earn "good money" as a creative

Image by Bart LaRue

Why Following Your Intuition Can Do Wonders for Your Life (and Business!)

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Why Starting a Blog is a Great Place to Start on Your Creative Journey

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The Joy of Reconnecting With Your Creative Side

Image by Brett Jordan

Start NOW and Beat Perfectionism