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Why I stopped saving nice things for a special occasion

This post contains some affiliate links from which I may earn a small commission if you click on them. I only ever promote products I truly believe support your personal growth journey. You can read my Affiliate Disclosure here.

As a recovering hoarder of everything and anything, I have recently been on a mission to "Marie Kondo" my life by decluttering and becoming more minimalist. If it doesn't bring joy, it's out!

During this process, however, I came across many premium beauty, skin, and hair care products — all of which have barely been used.

I received many of these pristine goods in the prestigious Liberty London Advent Calendar a few years ago and continuously delayed using them. All because I was convinced that a “suitable” occasion would present itself.

However, as it turned out, this occasion did not exist and so the expensive beauty cleansers and hair masks lay there, forgotten until they went far beyond their “use by” date…

What happened here?

Something much deeper than simply not using a few beauty products and them going out of date!

With the help of the Secret Owl Society 30-day program “Release and Reclaim, I have since realised that this incessant desire to hoard anything that I consider to be “luxurious” has branched from a number of deep-rooted beliefs that I held about myself and the world around me. I will share the four that I found to be most prominent in this article.

Belief #1. The “perfect time” exists to use fancy things

This is one of the key beliefs that I held for many years until it finally hit me that life is messy and unpredictable. You cannot predict what will happen next. The perfect time does not exist, and having the courage to make the decision to go after what you desire, is the best form of action you can take.

Are you waiting for the perfect time?

Of course, you could wait for that "extra special" occasion. Although, year after year could pass by and, all of a sudden you realise something. You never used that expensive candle or learned how to play the piano!

Such a piece of advice is so powerful, that it can apply to huge life decisions (such as changing career) to… simply using a luxury bottle of Votary face oil.

Reframe: There will never be a perfect time, take action today

Belief #2. The typical day is not a “special enough” occasion to use fancy things

We spend sooo much of our time wishing life away for special occasions and holidays — a sad but true fact. Think about it though, life is such a beautiful gift that deserves to be cherished every single day! Not only on weekends, or at Christmas, on your Birthday, etc.

On a side note, I have been gifted/won countless bottles of champagne that were put away for a “special occasion” only to never open them because I kept waiting for a suitable enough occasion.

Do you do this too?

Please know that you don't have to keep waiting. You can crack open that premium bottle of champers, use the fancy china AND burn that luxury candle all in one night if you wish!

Reframe: Life itself is a special occasion that should be celebrated

Belief #3. Someone like me does not use fancy things

This one goes a bit deeper and can be traced back to money blocks. Being raised in a working-class, low-income household, I regularly saw the value and preciousness of money. It was viewed as a very finite resource that should not be spent without thought or necessity.

Growing up, I felt I was allowed to have just enough as I needed and no more than that. But why on earth not?

Having used <£5 high street beauty and skincare brands for most of my life, my mid-20s sudden encounter with multiple “high-end” brands was no easy feat. Cue, feelings of not being “enough” and guilt for being self-indulgent!

Are you someone who tells yourself that fancy things are for others but not for you?

Please know that you do not have to uphold other people’s beliefs about money and how much / how little you are allowed to have. You are worthy of upgrading your moisturiser if you want to!

The story of you is allowed to change and you can become someone who does use nice things, if that is what you want.

Reframe: I am worthy of “nice things”

Bonus Belief #4. I need fancy things to feel abundant

Although I have written this article about fancy items I own, it doesn’t mean that I only value such things.

It is of course important to break through any limiting beliefs you have surrounding “enoughness” and know that it’s important to have some luxury in your life. But you must remember too that everyone’s definition of luxury is different and the level that you indulge in is not necessarily related to its price tag.

For example, I am obsessed with the salted caramel flavour Fulfil Protein Bars - I could eat one every single day for the rest of my life! As they come with a hefty price tag, I don’t have them nearly as often as I’d like to, but occasionally buy one for my partner and me.

As funny as it sounds, eating one on a normal day of the week makes me feel like a queen! I savour every bite and its pure deliciousness.

It only cost £2, but it’s premium quality and is packed with nutrients so I’m nourishing my body. So even if it didn’t cost much, it 100% makes me feel abundant! It doesn’t have to cost the earth to make you feel that way.

Reframe: Nice things are whatever brings ME joy, not anyone else (even if that’s a protein bar).


I hope this short piece has been a valuable reminder that you and your life are worthy of deserving “nice things”. Maybe you have had a lightbulb moment reading this? Have you realised that this is something you do as well?

Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your key take-aways!

If you can relate to having similar deep-rooted beliefs, it sounds like you need to Release and Reclaim - read the section below to check it out.

Now, I’m just going to eat my favourite protein bar and spray a good amount of my lovely Jo Malone perfume…

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