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How to Repurpose One Podcast Episode into at least FIVE Additional Pieces of Content

Updated: May 1

Starting a podcast is by far the most efficient platform in which to create content as a creative business owner.

Why? Well, let’s be honest, one thing we crave more of as creatives is extra TIME to focus on doing what we love — yes? Plus, content creation can be so draining of our all-important energy!

This is where the magic of podcasting comes in to play. Creating a weekly podcast episode actually can leverage your content even further, beyond the microphone. In fact, you can make it work for you three times over!

Allow me to explain the “what” and “how” of creating 3 additional pieces of content from a mere podcast episode in this post.

1. Video Content for YouTube


This is the most simple option, as you can film the podcast episode in video form using a program such as Quicktime on Mac computers, or an online application like Loom that also has a free version as an alternative to its paid plan with limited recording time.


Then, if you so wish, you can edit a little — I love using iMovie on my MacBook and creating screen covers on Canva.

Creating video content for your business in addition to audio is really smart because it means that you are catering for different types of learners in your audience. Some people learn in a more visual way, and some are more auditory — plus you have the benefit of people being able to multitask whilst listening to a podcast.

Appearing on YouTube comes with the added benefit of being searchable on Google using its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and this is never a bad thing! So ensure your title and description is rich with relevant keywords. I absolutely love using UberSuggest as my go-to keyword research tool to help find the best in your niche.

2. Convert into a Blog Post Using Transcription

This one totally blew my mind when I had been podcasting for a few months. I had heard many entrepreneurs talk about how they had converted their podcast into a blog post and I didn’t understand how this could be done easily.

I can tell you now that it is very simple — by the way of transcription! Using super intelligent software such as or Castmagic you can create a whole blog post from your podcast episode or video!

Word of caution - you will just need to go through a transcribed piece that is produced to ensure it makes sense and little filler words such as “um” haven’t stuck around.

Why is transcribing your podcasts into blogs a smart move?

It’s another SEO winner, my friend! Your website or blog will benefit so much more from being discovered on Google by having that keyword-rich text.

3. Create Social Media Content

OK — so here is the reason I say “at least” 5 additional pieces of content in the title.

Depending on how many social media platforms you actively use, you can create really powerful pieces of content using your podcast episode!


I absolutely love to create soundbites for my social media — they are so good at reeling in your audience and giving them a snippet of what your episode is all about.

But how can you create them? I use this amazing tool called Wavve, where you can get 120 seconds’ worth of soundbites each month for free! Simply upload your audio recording and a graphic or photo that you can create on Canva, then select your chosen snippet — it is optional to add captions.

Screen Recording Works a Treat

If you would like to create audio snippets more quickly and simply, try this:

  1. Go to your episode of choice on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / other podcast platform and press screen record (available on many recent iPhones and other Smartphones).

  2. Play your snippet of choice whilst the screen records, then you can cut the unwanted clips either side in your library using the editing tool in your photo library.

  3. This can then easily be uploaded as shareable video content to your social media platform of choice - Instagram/Facebook stories work particularly well.

For Visual Content Create Images and Quotes

Another amazing way of transforming content from your podcast episode into social media posts is by taking a powerful quote from a chosen audio snippet in your episode and posting it visually using the words.

On Instagram, you could also break down the quote into a carousel post (multiple images) which is sometimes better for engagement as the user will stay on the post longer to swipe across. These images and quotes can be created easily using Canva — and if you have the Pro version, posts can be resized easily to suit any kind of social media platform.

If you use Pinterest, this is also a fantastic opportunity to share away! I have found that podcast episode graphics can perform pretty well, plus it is so easy for the user to just click on the image to access the episode.

Idea Pins

On business accounts, you should have the option to share as "Idea Pins" too (similar to Instagram stories) but these are not clickable so you have to make it clear where they can find you. Idea Pins are however, prioritised by Pinterest at the moment so will be pushed out and given more exposure than static pins - so they're super for visibility!


So if, for example, you use Instagram and Pinterest just like I do, then that is at least 4 social media content ideas, perhaps as follows:

  • Instagram + Soundbite (grid)

  • Instagram + Soundbite (stories)

  • Instagram + Quote / Graphic (grid)

  • Pinterest + Soundbite (Idea Pin)

  • Pinterest + Quote / Graphic (Static or Carousel Pin — clickable)

  • Pinterest + Quote / Graphic (Idea Pin)

However, even if you concentrate on using 1 social platform for your business, then you have at least 2 ideas! You can get so creative with your content from podcasts, as usually there are various angles you can approach your content with and other relevant topics that can be explored from that 1 episode.

That’s a wrap — 5 ways to repurpose your podcast!

I hope you found this post useful! Which of the 3 content transformation ideas excited you the most? Let me know as I'd love to learn which tip you found the most valuable.

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