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3 Key Ways That eBay Helped Kickstart my Creative Business Journey

If you asked me, “Charlotte, what tools have you loved using most to kickstart my creative business?” — I would respond with what I consider to be the usual suspects.

Canva, WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, along with multiple memberships and subscriptions that have absolutely rocked my (business) world.

You probably wouldn’t expect me to say eBay.

But here’s the thing. I know it’s not “sexy” or glamorous but the early stages of an entrepreneurial journey can be, simply put — messy.

Whether you have a day job or not, some level of investment is still required for various elements of your business.

From personal development (I have so many books), to creating your first website, to purchasing an e-mail provider. You will notice that there are so many opportunities to invest in yourself along the way, and this can get pricey.

Cue eBay!

I have sold nearly £1,000 worth of old things that I either had forgotten about or wasn’t using anymore (and I mean for years on end).

This was an absolute game-changer for me, because not only was I able to invest more into my business as a result, the following 3 benefits came along with it.

1. Money Mindset Development

Have you ever heard of money blocks? These are common beliefs about money that are engrained in people’s minds, usually shaped by experiences and the people who surround them in their life.

Many people experience a lot of money blocks based on their childhood upbringing and attitudes towards money within their family.

A good example could be that money is “evil” because of a bad experience in the family (for example debt) or someone might believe that there isn’t “enough” money in the world for everyone.

Selling your old things on eBay might not seem entrepreneurial, but it actually is a great routine to get into, to condition yourself for receiving money.

Experiencing real-life transactions helps to fight off those limiting beliefs, as well as making it an easier transition for you to start charging for products or services in your business, instead of being stuck in “free zone”.

If you want to learn more about money blocks and how to overcome them so you can live in financial abundance — get your copy of Denise Duffield Thomas’Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

2. Decluttering Your Space & Mind

Another great benefit of selling old items on eBay is that you are left with more space. And — I don’t just mean that you now have more storage space in your spare room, there are mental health benefits to this also.

“Tidy house, tidy mind”

Marie Kondo digs into this concept more in her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” which is a must-read for those who are keen to take control of their somewhat chaotic homes!

Decluttering isn’t just an action, it is pure therapy.

3. Encouraging Reusability

Do you hate wastage? If so, eBay is the perfect place for you. You will learn to appreciate practically every item you throw away and whether it has the potential for a new home.

Hint: These are most things!

In my mind there are 3 types of items that are sold on eBay:

  1. New OR “like new” unused items

  2. Used items that are still in decent condition

  3. Used items that can live even longer lives

The last item type is the one I want to draw your attention to because this is the area many people are not aware of. This category can include “hot” eBay items such as watches, handbags, sunglasses, LEGO etc.

In the eBay world, someone is 9 times out of 10 always looking for something that you have!

An example of unusual/unexpected items I listed on eBay and actually sold are: a 5-year out-of-date perfume, a used Mario Kart Nintendo 64 Booklet(torn front cover), and some old prescription sunglasses.

Tell me — would you have thrown these out into the rubbish without a second thought? Next time you are throwing old beauty products (unused), electricals, clothes, have a think about whether they could be reused!

Without sounding too confident, I bet you can generate an extra £50 from observing your clutter next time you’re having a clear out :-)

That’s a Wrap!

Did you find this article useful? I hope that my words have put a different spin on eBay and how it can work for you in ways that you never imagined!

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