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3 Positive Ways that NLP Can Help to Transform Your Life

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

If you had asked me about the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) a year ago, I would have struggled to give you an answer! That’s the beauty of these journeys of self-discovery… you never know what is just around the corner.

How did my NLP journey start? I decided to enrol on a masterclass led by a practitioner in Spring this year and it was like fate (really). Just like that there was this realisation… NLP was the next step I had been looking for in Creative Goddess Club.

But what attracted me to delve into becoming an NLP practitioner? And how can they help you? In this article I’m going to share 3 great benefits of NLP and how it can help you to transform your life for the better.

1. It goes deeper than your typical mindset work

Much of the time we are looking for practical, quick solutions or steps to get from A to B, but unfortunately this is only part of the process when it comes to making big changes in your life. When you have deeper, unresolved “stuff” that you are holding onto beneath the surface (without realising) from the past - this will automatically affect your behaviour and the choices you make.

In short, you could have ALL the practical tips and strategies in the world, but if your internal belief system is working against you, then this will effectively “block” you from achieving what you’re setting out to do. That is why sometimes we can feel so much resistance even when we technically know what we are supposed to be doing - it's those deeper unconscious thoughts. Hello, self-sabotage!

With NLP, you are able to go deeper, reprogramming your unconscious mind and releasing these old beliefs that are not serving you and instead becoming clearer on your direction with a better sense of purpose. This is what makes the techniques so powerful, we can use NLP to make powerful life-changing shifts that help us to achieve our goals.

2. Improving your communication with others

Struggling to get your point across in work meetings? Feel as though your opinion is always being disregarded by a certain family member? 😓

Well, language plays a huge part in the power of NLP (the “L” stands for linguistic!) so it can be particularly effective at improving the quality of your communication with others.

By using NLP techniques such as Mirroring, we are able to build rapport in a workplace scenario to achieve successful outcomes through better negotiation with colleagues and clients. But the benefits do not stop there - NLP is a great tool to improve communication in all types of relationships, as a way to achieve a better level of understanding and therefore a more sustainable relationship over time.

3. Equipping you with tools you need to navigate future “triggers”

The real beauty of NLP is that it’s not only helping you to work through what you’re experiencing now - the techniques are applied with the future in mind too. You are therefore better equipped as you encounter future situations that would usually trigger certain old beliefs and emotions. This is why NLP is so effective at building resilience; you essentially have your own personal toolkit to hand that you are able to use whenever you need it.

For example, the 'Anchoring' technique can help you to transition from an undesired or stuck present state, such as “procrastination” to a future desired or resourceful one - e.g. “motivation”. So, if you have historically struggled with procrastinating at work, NLP provides you with a useful tool to help you move on quickly to feeling more motivated and therefore achieving higher productivity levels. Not bad at all!


I hope you enjoyed reading this article about 3 positive ways that NLP can help to transform your life! By now I'm guessing you can probably agree that NLP is very useful and really can help initiate some really impactful change in your life.

There are many, many more wonderful benefits to using NLP techniques, which I will no doubt explore in future posts. For now though, I just had to share a little sample with you today to spark your interest 😉

Hello... is it NLP you've been looking for?

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In Limitless Life Coaching, I use traditional coaching methods fused with NLP and Time Line Therapy to help you identify and release old beliefs that are not serving you.

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