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Why You Need to Create a Planner (and how to get started)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

If I were to say to you, “Go and create a planner, it’s so much fun”, you’d probably think it was a bit random - perhaps even a little strange!

After all, there are only so many hours in the day and we want to give our limited energy to things that hold purpose.

Planner creation is likely something that you have not previously explored, but I believe this will change after reading this article.

I, therefore, felt the need to write two articles a) to explain why planner creation is totally worth your time, and b): to share how you too can make stunning digital and printable planners. This article will be addressing the first step - the "why".

The Case for Creating a Planner

There are soooo many amazing reasons to create a planner, but I’m just going to list the four I’m most passionate about.

1. You can start simple (and now)

It’s true! Most likely you already have the tools you need all ready to start creating your awesome planner. Many of us have laptops and tablets, so it’s simply a case of deciding which program you will use to create your planner.

For digital planners, you will need to source a font and design elements/patterns that fit in with your chosen style. Creative Market is perfect for doing this, the marketplace is filled with gorgeous items to make your planner uniquely yours.

If you'd prefer to create a printable planner, this is a more simple process that can be executed in its entirety by using the magical graphic design program that is Canva. Just make sure you purchase the Pro version ($12.99 per month) and check the license terms for the design elements if you plan to sell your planners.

2. There are NO rules!

Is it just me or are rules so boring?

Creating a planner is an opportunity for you to fully enter your “zone of genius” and creative flow. The theme can be pretty much anything you like! Whatever you enjoy doing or have found to be super useful in your life, why not make it into a planner?

This is the bit that blew my mind the most, as I thought a planner had to be a “certain way”, like a diary or journal with plain old boring boxes.

3. It's so much more than just making a planner

Did I say the previous point was my favourite part about making planners? Oops. To be honest, I think this is actually the best part.

You are probably wondering what this means! Part of Michelle and Aimee’s ethos is that personal development and mindset work is of huge importance in our daily lives. Planner creation is part of this growth because it gives you the opportunity to create something that is uniquely your own and something you can channel lots of positive energy into.

I can definitely vouch for this – creating my digital planners has been a really fun kind of therapy! Yes, you can learn how to create planners to sell on Etsy and start a business… but you don’t have to. You are primarily doing it for yourself, like any act of self-care.

4. It's a great "passive income" product for your business (and accessible for your audience)

If you are looking to create planners from more than just a place of joy and personal growth, you're in luck. Creating a planner is a great low-ticket product that can be classed as a "win-win" for you and your audience.

Not only does it give new members a small taster of what you can offer them, but it is easily marketable across many platforms with its striking visuals. Therefore, with its digital downloadable and low-cost nature, it is possible to sell these products on repeat in your business with very little (or no) effort!

But HOW do you get started creating a planner?

With thousands of intuitive templates on user-friendly online tools such as Canva, it is pretty straightforward for anyone with no prior graphic design experience to start their own planner creation journey.

And, with the help of Michelle and Aimee in the incredible Secret OWL Society, it is possible to learn how to create beautiful, professional-looking printable and digital planners in just a few hours!

I will be revealing in part 2 of this article how I used the above tools to create my own planners back in 2021, and which specific programs I recommend to help you do the same.

Want to just cut to the chase and go to the courses?

If you are desperate to discover more about the Secret OWL Society planner courses, simply click here to read about their awesome programs' key features!

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