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Why following your intuition can work wonders for your creative business

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Do you often feel as though your creative journey is lacking momentum? Start. Stop. Start again. I truly believe that following your intuition can work wonders for your creative business (and life in general too!). Ironically, I followed my intuition to write this very article today! Read. onto discover why I am so passionate about intuitive action-taking.

It is a practice I would recommend to so many people who are starting their creative journey. Why? Because in the beginning, you don’t really know where to start. Therefore the only way that you will start is by being aware of what is presenting itself to you — the ideas you’re having.

If these ideas present themselves frequently and crop up in your mind a lot, I think that is definitely a sign that you should explore further and see where it will take you.

My experience with intuitive action

When I first embarked on my creative journey, I was writing my travel blog. That was all I was really focused on for a while! However, in hindsight, it did lead me into other creative areas. For example photo editing, becoming more interested in travel photography, graphic design, branding, and colour schemes — all that fun stuff.

Then, last year when I started getting more involved in the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA), I was constantly listening to personal development podcasts. From there, I was getting even more inspiration from Carrie Green who is the founder of the FEA — so much that I ended up joining her membership and came across so many other incredible, inspiring women within that network. More than 5,000 to be precise!

This community led me to even more amazing things. Just from that simple process of listening to myself (my intuition) and believing that that was going to take me to the next step — the next place that I needed to get to. I discovered Michelle Rohr and became even more interested in graphic design, using Pinterest and I explored the path of online courses along with digital marketing.

Choose the path of least resistance

To this day, I’m still continuing with these through my email lists and social media marketing on my two Instagram pages. I also have taken the route of digital planner creation, and I published my paperback book on Amazon, the “Too many tabs” Daily Ideas Planner, and my Travel Planner.

Did I choose to do all of these things because they were easy? Or because they weren’t going to take up too much time? No. I chose these paths because they felt right for me at that particular time and point in my journey. Plus — they ensured that I was taking action without being too much of a perfectionist. In short, these tasks kept the MOMENTUM going, allowing me to experience small wins along the way.

I was so inspired by the individuals that were following their creative passions, and I really wanted to delve into it myself. Now, I’m launching my Creative Goddess Club coaching business to inspire corporate women to tap into their creative passion.

This wasn’t something I had particularly considered until a few months ago. I originally thought when I started my business, that coaching wasn’t really suited to me. But, over time I actually realised that coaching would actually be such a fulfilling path and allow me to help women enrich their lives in a way that I haven’t been able to before.

It is worth remembering this. Just because at one point in your journey you didn’t feel drawn to a particular type of activity, or even creating a particular type of product — it doesn’t mean that later on, you won’t change your mind. I truly believe that if I hadn’t taken these intuitive steps beforehand, I would not have discovered this passion for creative coaching.

I suppose what I’m saying is…

To put it simply, your intuition is telling you what you REALLY want, rather than what you THINK you want. The latter path is regularly trodden by us humans, with the pressures and “norms” of society.

However, I have noticed that intuition always kicks in later down the line when we realise that we aren’t happy with our chosen direction.

It definitely takes some practice to listen to your intuition, particularly if you’re a logical, evidence-based person — but over time you will notice the benefits if you learn to trust in your journey.


Do you believe there is magic in listening to your intuition? Let me know in the comments!

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