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Image by Will Turner


Amanda's Story 🌞

From opposite sides of the world, Amanda and I worked together in my 1:1 coaching program to achieve clarity on her creative business idea, along with actionable steps to help kickstart her visibility + offerings.

What did your business look like before we started working together?

"A mess with no idea where I was going"

When Amanda and I first started working together she had sooo many wonderful creative ideas but this was leaving her feeling stuck. She needed help gaining clarity.

We used my clarity funnel method to filter through the "mental clutter" and the ideas she thought she "should" pursue purely based on practicalities.

This approach helped us to arrive at a creative business idea that first and foremost brought her lots of JOY and aligned with the dream business she envisioned... but also felt comfortable and achievable with plenty of scope to explore.

What was your biggest struggle at the beginning of the program?

Knowing what I wanted to focus on and steps to get there.

As is the case with so many creative business owners, figuring out what to focus on to begin with can be SO tough. 

Together, we mapped out the actionable steps that Amanda could take to start getting set up with her business idea and gain visibility (e.g. a core social media platform, her main offering + target audience, how to build an e-mail list etc).

What do you feel has been your biggest WIN having gone through the Coaching program with me?

Picking my business then having steps to get my business started

Having established the major steps, we then broke these down into smaller, more manageable tasks such as deciding on an online platform that felt fun and comfortable for Amanda to showcase her business.


Following this, we established an online platform where Amanda would feel comfortable showcasing her business, and created "content pillars" for her weekly content - plus any themes that she could include in her weekly posts. We then mapped out various options for her first free / paid offerings and the target audience.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to a newbie creative business owner who is thinking about hiring a coach? Would you recommend this experience to them?

Do it! I went from feeling lost to planning my first workshop. Take the first step

It meant SO much to be part of Amanda's journey as she was able to stop feeling lost and get clear on her creative business idea - which then of course enabled her to take action towards turning her idea into reality. 

I couldn't agree more with Amanda here - taking the first step is huge and actually very liberating too. When you take the first step it means that you are decisively putting a new kind of energy into the world, that says "I'm doing this". 


When Amanda started to plan her first workshop, I noticed her energy shift and she had a real sense of excitement for what she was doing! This is where choosing a business you're passionate about is really important - and I love helping my Action Taker clients get to this point.

How about you, Action Taker?

Maybe you feel inspired by Amanda's journey and now just want to go forth taking action, bringing that creative business idea of yours to life! But you're looking for some direction on how to get started?

I would, of course, love to help you! It is my mission to make sure you don't sit on your ideas for too long and take those first few steps towards helping you confidently unleash them into the world. 

If you're looking for accountability, simple strategies and fun + friendly vibes as you start your creative business journey - click below to book a free virtual cuppa with me ☕️

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