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Struggling with motivation for 2023? Read these 6 amazing personal development books

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Let’s be honest, the last few years have been incredibly challenging times for all of us. And the outlook for the year ahead? Well, you only have to switch on the news (I wouldn’t recommend this as a regular habit).

But in short - it’s no wonder are struggling with motivation for 2023.

The truth is, whilst we (sometimes unknowingly) absorb negative news being reported, there is also very little we can do individually to control wider macro circumstances. Yet… we find ourselves worrying about the future and feel drained as a result.

What can we control though? Our mindset. It is absolutely essential that we protect this sacred space that is only ours. There are many ways we can do this, my favourite choice being the consumption of personal development material. Podcasts, books, communities etc.

Taking even just a few moments each day to focus on developing ourselves with positive, healthy habits can really give us a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

That is why I have created this post on 6 amazing personal development books that I can quite frankly say have played a huge part in keeping my mindset focused during these tumultuous 2020s!

1. The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

Are you feeling a bit stuck and looking to make some changes in your life? You won’t go far wrong with The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. The author, who has experienced his fair share of low points, teaches us how simply switching up our morning routine by developing 6 habits can help us reach our full potential every day.

This is such a riveting read, from the minute the book begins and we hear about Hal’s background which is perfectly ordinary (albeit more traumatic than some). This book’s value continues to grow when describing the transformational process underwent and the multiple successes experienced as a result. I was totally inspired by this book and have since put my own morning routine in place. It’s not surprising that 2.5 million copies have sold and the book has countless rave reviews. Highly recommend!

Read if: You are feeling stuck in a rut and want to switch up your life, but don’t know how.

2. Good Vibes, Good Life – Vex King (2018)

In my opinion, everyone should have a copy of this book on their shelf (or bedside table)! There are short, easy-to-digest chapters addressing various topic areas such as being kind to yourself and expressing gratitude. Good Vibes, Good Life is quite simply a must-read when you need some perspective on life!

Read If: You need a daily boost of reassurance and positivity!

3. She Means Business – Carrie Green (2017)

Although this book tells the story of Carrie Green’s entrepreneurial journey, She Means Business is an inspiring read for anyone. Since founding the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA) in 2009, the author has experienced a rollercoaster ride. Carrie is very upfront and honest about the numerous doubts that she has felt along the way, but also how incredible it’s been and how much she has grown.

The FEA has not only transformed her life but thousands of other women, many of whom have been inspired to start their own businesses. Carrie encourages more of us to do the same and turn our dreams into reality.

Read If: You want to pursue your passion but are not sure how to get started and currently lack the confidence to do so...

4. You Are a Badass – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero (2013)

You are a Badass explores how the author turned her life around and touches on areas such as subconscious beliefs, the law of attraction, self-love, and many more. This book will give you tons of useful tips on how to overcome various obstacles that you are facing. One of my favourite parts is the inspirational quote at the beginning of each chapter!

I loved this book, as it combines humour with some real home truths. Jen’s writing style is fun and she’s so relatable too, which makes you just want to keep on reading!

Read If: You just know there is something "more" for you out there.

5. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne (2006)

Have you ever pictured something happening in your head and then it’s actually become reality? The Secret explains the Law of Attraction, which is based on the idea that you can attract what you desire through the power of your thoughts.

It’s a very interesting read, particularly for those who consider themselves to be quite spiritual and contains many powerful messages that have helped so many across the world. It’s, therefore, no wonder that around 30 million copies have been sold!

Read If: You want to learn some more about the Law of Attraction

6. Get Rich, Lucky Bi**h! – Denise Duffield Thomas (2018)

Before you run a mile at the sight of the title - stick with me for a minute. There is so much more to both this book and the incredible author Denise. Whether you are already in the know about money mindset, I can guarantee you will learn a thing or two here.

This sequel "sister" read to Duffield-Thomas' Lucky Bi**h debut goes beyond the author's personal experience manifesting financial abundance and is filled with practical tips on how you can take control of your own money. Using Denise's simple, fun techniques on overcoming and navigating money blocks (which can hold you back from success more than you think) learn how to create building blocks to the financial freedom you deserve.

Stay inspired this year!!

I hope you have been inspired to read at least one of these 6 amazing mindset books! You will be amazed at the positive impact on your mind by just reading a few pages daily.

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